[Pipe] Churchwarden Mini Pipe

I bought a cheap Churchwarden Pipe, which is a pipe with a long stem, on eBay.

It’s from Ukraine. 4.99 dollars with free shipping.

Lots of stamps. Good for a stamp collector like me.



It’s a very small pipe. It took only 5 minutes to finish tobacco. You may need a filter otherwise you swallow ashes.


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[review] Sherlock Holmes LEGO

Last year I saw a Sherlock Holmes LEGO on Twitter. When I went to England, I looked around toy shops to find one in vain. The only thing I found in London was a giant Holmes LEGO in Hamleys.

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Papa Cake for Father’s Day from Chateraise

  • 2018/06/18 Mon
  • Misc

On Father’s Day, I found many tweets about “Watson Cake”. They say Chateraise, a Japanese cake company, offered a special cake for Father’s Day, and it looked exactly like Dr Watson.

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The Schoenbrunn Palace

In “His Last Bow”, Holmes and Watson drink Tokay from a special cellar at the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna. I personally visited the Schoenbrunn Palace in 2011 and here’s the picture of it.

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