Building Dr Watson and Mrs Hudson minifigures at LEGO Store

I wrote an article about a LEGO minifigure of Sherlock Holmes in 2018.

[review] Sherlock Holmes LEGO – Sherlock Holmes Topia

Yesterday I happened to find a LEGO Store at LaLaport NAGOYA minami AQULS. It is the first LEGO Store in the Tokai area in Japan.

I build minifigures for the first time, and they are, of course, Dr Watson and Mrs Hudson. (I tried to find a minifigure of Sherlock Holmes, but they were sold out.)




Sherlock Holmes (far left) is the one I bought at eBay in 2018.


There are two Watsons; one is the normal one and the other is mini one.

When my ten-month-old son becomes older, I’ll definitely play LEGO with him!

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