The New Sherlock Holmes Topia 2024

This website ‘Sherlock Holmes Topia’ started in 2018. I’ve added contents on it since then, and it’s become a little chaotic. So I decided to redesign the website and also transfer the domain. Here’s the new Sherlock Holmes Topia.

I’ve divided my website to blog and other contents. The website you’re looking now is a blog only one. You can see the latest posts here.

On the other hand, I made a Wiki page for other contents.

Hopefully, you can see more English blog posts and contents this year.

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[film] “Young Sherlock Holmes”

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) – IMDb I watched it on TV when I was a teenager. This is a story about teenage Sherlock Holmes. No connection to the Canon.

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How problems should be solved

  • 2018/08/05 Sun
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I believe the most important thing in consulting business is meeting a client’s desire. The rule also should be applied to romantic and other business relationships.

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Papa Cake for Father’s Day from Chateraise

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On Father’s Day, I found many tweets about “Watson Cake”. They say Chateraise, a Japanese cake company, offered a special cake for Father’s Day, and it looked exactly like Dr Watson.

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